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Mana from Heaven




Come learn about Mana from Heaven mushrooms. Manna From Heaven Penis Envy Mushrooms are extremely strong and should be approached with caution. For experienced mushroom eaters only. Manna From Heaven PE is a rare and highly sought after Penis Envy Strain expressing new phenotypes and trippy experiences. Manna from Heaven PEs were released in 2022 and quickly won much renown in the mushroom community for the bright vibrance of its trip. In 2021 Manna discovered a range of new genetic expressions while working with Penis Envy spores. Rather than shying away from the challenge the breeder decided to take samples from numerous phenotypic fruit bodies. After a few spore generations and six months of work Manna successfully identified two reverts and one Albino all originating from a single special Penis Envy Monoculture. These new Manna From Heaven strains bring out never before genetics expressions of the extremely popular Penis Envy strain. These mushrooms are often said to have a more Trippy experience with stronger hallucinations than previous Penis Envy genetics. Many consumers report that the Albino version of this strain brings a more Spiritual Journey's while the Non Albino version brings Etherial Delights. Try them both out and see for yourself.