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Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people all around the world. Although there is profound evidence of the positive effects that mushrooms have on the overall health of those who consume them, mushrooms have had a stigma around them. Society was in a sense traumatized due to the misuse and abuse of them by the counterculture. In recent years, the use of mushrooms for mental and spiritual health and wellbeing has begun to see a drastic increase. With the influx of information readily available, we are slowly peeling back the stigma of these entheogenic plants.  

The number one question we get is, “What do we recommend.?” If you’ve ever visited our store, you probably know the answer to this question already. Surprisingly, we make no recommendations.  Mushrooms affect everyone differently. We do not make recommendations because we cannot guarantee what type of experience you will have. Everyone's experience is different because the mushrooms will take you on a journey that only your mind can manifest.

What's the hype?

How do I indulge?

"If you don't give recommendations, where do I begin?" 

Where you start on this journey depends on what you hope to get out of it. There are levels to using mushrooms; microdosing, social dosing, and visual dosing. Each level serves a purpose and will determine what you need.  


Benefits of consuming magic mushrooms: 

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Reduces stress 

  • Increases creativity 

  • Improves focus, concentration, and mindfulness 

  • Improves how your body functions 

  • Enhance problem-solving abilities 

  • Improve ambition, productivity, and motivation, 

  • Improves mood, optimism 

  • Improves energy, wakefulness, and stimulation 


Due to these benefits, many people utilize mushrooms because studies have proven that those that suffer from mood disorders or depression such as PTSD, PPD, depression, anxiety, and even addiction have shown significant improvement in the state of their mental health.

The Levels of Mushrooms Explained

Knowing what you hope to get out of the journey helps you have a better experience. Be sure to set clear expectations for yourself and follow the appropriate dosing guides for your expectations.

Tips for Your Journey

Be sure to follow these tips to help you navigate your journey!

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